Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I had a rather strange dream last night. Now, I wish I could say that it was something hot and involved naked people and oils and tropical settings.
So in the dream, I'm shopping at a gourmet grocery store and I am so happy because I'm not worried about spending too much money on anything. I'm pretty happy and shopping. Then I notice this sort of trashy looking guy in near one of the displays and then I realize that he is in his underwear. Then-I realize that it is Floyd Landis. Yeah, Floyd Landis, Tour de France....something or another, in his tidee-whitees wandering in a gourmet grocery store. (and can I just say-he was not looking very fresh.) So, at first I try to ignore him and then I feel compelled to go over to him and point out that he is grocery shopping in his underpants. He (of course) doesn't take this news very well and insists that he is properly dressed and we begin a rather short discussion about his attire. He admits his error and leaves the store a bit chagrined and I go back to my shopping.
My concern is
WHY am I dreaming about Floyd Landis in his underpants?
I mean, dreams are supposed to reveal the innermost workings of one's subconscious, right? I guess I'm working on underpants and gourmet grocery stores.....

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D said...

I hope Landis sees this. It's a hoot.